World War I Memorial Competition Proposal

World War I Memorial Competition was held in 2015, proposing a new national monument at Pershing Park adjoining the White House in DC. Our team of artists, sculptors and architects came together in July to design the following entry. The competition received over 350 entries. Our classical design, a courtyard with Cenotaph and allegorical figures, received positive notice by critics including Justin Shubow, president of the National Civic Arts Society in his article in Forbes Magazine. You can read Mr. Shubow's article here: Our team members included sculptor Joseph Brickey, architect Chad Brown, architect Clayton Vance, artist Stephen Haws, artist Corey Strange, designer Eli Baird, and architectural historian Michael Djordjevitch.

ArchitectureDrawingSet Design
Clay models were sculpted to help the visualization and approach, Front view.
Back View
View from Northeast, direction of White House
The two clay maquettes of the allegorically statues of Grief and Gratitude and the guardian of the cenotaph was designed by Joseph Brickey.

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