We departed Rome to spend two weeks in Jerusalem, the ancient spiritual capital, the Navel of the earth; the Ompholos. Here I learned that the classical tradition continued to be passed down, the same ideas, the same sacred symbols, the same truths and forms, only being adapted and integrated into the local vernacular and religious doctrine. I will never forget the intensity surrounding the Old City and the temple mount, a site held sacred by so many. My appreciation for devotion to religious fervor reached new understanding, and art and architecture was at the forefront of its outward expression.

ArchitectureDrawingFine Arts
The Garden Tomb
Looking over Temple mount from Jewish Quarter
Tomb of Absalom, with Jewish Cemetery and Mt. of Olives behind. 
Tomb of Zachariah. While drawing this a Muslim boy sat next to me for over an hour to watch me draw. He asked me to draw a portrait of him, which I did and gave it to him. If you are reading this, thanks for the soft drink you gave in return!

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