Proposal Esquisse, Facade for Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

While in Rome, we confronted real-life problems in architectural design. This is a proposed design for the facade of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome, now in a state of concern due to the broken lintel over the main door. In order to satisfy any design problem there has to be contextual research into history and purpose of the edifice, study of previous solutions proposed, forms of architecture utilized, etc., all before any decisions about design can be entertained within a restricted time frame. Given the title of the church, 'Church of Saint Mary built above the ancient Romann Temple of Minerva', I proposed a queenly motif, using Roman Baroque elements.

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The Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in its current state. This facade was meant to be 'temporary', has lasted 200 years. Nowadays, what we call 'permanent' hardly lasts 30 years...
After the proposal was completed, I discovered to my delight this proposed facade design by Ferndinando Fuga, the last in long line of great Baroque architects. The similarity in thinking was a nod of approval for me.

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